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Keep up to date on how Bio-Strath's 5 key benefits are helping the castaways survive the toughest challenges on the island. Follow us as we take you through 39 days of strategising, competing and the ultimate road to becoming the ultimate winner!

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Mike is making some #SurvivorSA moves against Rob – but why is he telling Durao?

Mmaba exits #SurvivorSA with the immunity idol she just scored at Tribal Council on her person.

Also... WHHHHYYYYY MMABA?!?! I was screaming at the TV for you to play your Idol 😭😭😭

#SurvivorSA @Survivor_SA

Rob has "seduced" the tribe and his fellow castaways are exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome – Nico has a lot of deep thoughts about #SurvivorSA, and you can get them in Nico's Diary, brought to you this week by @capeunionmart.

Regrets, we've had a few on #SurvivorSA... We catch up with Mmaba as she gets back to reality in this exclusive.

@Survivor_SA- that was epic!! Damn is it a great show!! I love thursdays because of you and @afrokaans !! So much respect for you!! #SurvivorSA

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