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Keep up to date on how Bio-Strath's 5 key benefits are helping the castaways survive the toughest challenges on the island. Follow us as we take you through 39 days of strategising, competing and the ultimate road to becoming the ultimate winner!

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Well done and congratulations on your win once again @RobBentele, the fruit of your 39 gruelling days of ups and downs on @Survivor_SA #SurvivorSA was well deserved.

Was a pleasure interviewing you on #KrunchWithKhutso @YFM 🙏🏾

|📸 @valeriembali


Today on #KrunchWithKhutso we had @RobBentele winner of 2019 @Survivor_SA telling us about his journey on survivor.

More of your #SurvivorSA questions answered by our brilliant host @NicoPanagio, including access to toilet paper, gameplay and what Survivor reveals to the players’ humanity.

Catch up on our conversation with @RobBentele @Survivor_SA here:


A first – and final – meal with the #SurvivorSA final three.

Laetitia needed to get some things out of her system before her final #SurvivorSA vote...

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